Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm Back From Retirement...And I Wrote a Book!

After almost 2 years away from this blog it was about time I came back.  Came back to the many wonderful and loyal readers that supported me over the 3 years that I was actively writing story after story about what it's really like to be a banquet manager.

Well, over the quiet month of January, my mind started to wander and I was missing putting my thoughts down on paper.  So I decided to write a book.  What the heck, if "they" can do it why can't I?

So I wrote a book entitled:

"Earn More Tips On Your Very Next Shift...Even If You're a Bad Waiter".

Now I know what you may be saying, "Not another book about how waiters can make bigger tips". There have been hundreds of books written on the topic and thousands of articles on the web about the same thing.  Well yes, you're right.

But in doing my research for this book I didn't see one single book or article that cared if the hotel or restaurant where these waiters worked were also able to improve their customer service.  Only that the waiters make bigger tips.

As you know, customer service is big with me and I've complained about poor waiter service enough times on this blog.  So now I decided to do something about it.

Waiters: In this book you will learn:
  • My "Magical Table Greeting" that will put your customers at ease from the moment they first meet you.
  • The proper way to check back on your guests' satisfaction.  And no, you don't say "Is everything ok"?
  • Why you don't recommend a food item to your customer, and what may happen if you do.
  • Why you must serve the kids first.
  • Why you want to be the weakest server in the restaurant.
  • Why your table is not full of "guys".
  • How to use food substitutions to your advantage, and get a BIGGER tip.
  • How to make your busboy want to take care of your customers as much as you do, maybe even more!
  • Why you need to know where the nearest bookstore is. (This one creates the WOW factor)
  • How to be an expert at opening a bottle of wine table-side.
  • How to create the "memory".
  • The best way to say goodbye to your guests.
  • And much more!

In this book you will learn:

  • Why you must care that your servers earn BIG tips!
  • What NOT to teach your staff.
  • That each chapter of this book can be used as short training sessions at your daily/weekly stand-up meetings.
  • How to create great working relationships between the various positions of your restaurant.
  • Why you must "empower" your staff and trust their judgement since they are the front-line of your business.
  • How to get the Chef on your side and to try some special side dishes, and how this leads to very happy repeat customers.
  • Why you must teach your staff to "assume the sale" and why this benefits all involved.
  • How to create the mindset of customer service.
  • And much more!
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I hope you will like the book.  And if you don't mind...please tell all your waiter friends about it.  Hope they will like it too. 

So I say goodbye for now and know we will meet again. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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