Friggin' Daylight Saving Time Kicked My Ass

Who invented this daylight savings time shit anyway?  Don't they know that a banquet manager leaves work way too late at night and must usually come back early the next morning to deal with this shit?

I need that extra hour of sleep man.  I've got bags on top of the bags under my eyes today. Got home at 2:30am regular time before I realized that it was now 3:30am ('cause I woke up my wife when I fell into bed and she started yelling at me).

We just had a big Chamber of Commerce event here with over 2000 people.  I needed to stay late to direct the housemen to flip the rooms and breakdown the almost 100 rented tables and get them back to the loading dock.

Got a friggin' splinter in 2 different hands to boot!

My feet are sore.  My staff are whipped.  Plus I needed to deal with some a**hole that kept complaining that the room was too hot.  There's 2000 people in here you putz!  We're crammed in like sardines.  What do you expect?

Back to Sunday morning...

Now after going to bed at 3:30am I'm up at 5:15am to hop in the shower (I don't remember shaving but apparently I did before my shower), get dressed and start up my car by 6:30am.  I'm at work at 7:15am and see my staff fast at work getting ready for the church breakfast for 115 people we have planned.

Some how they got up and made it in.  I'm too old for this shit...