Easter Captain's Report

Date: April 24, 2011

Group Name: Easter Brunch

Event Time: 10:30am - 3pm (3pm last seating)

Covers: Reservations for 719, Actual covers 687

Room Setup: Assorted table sizes 

Food Presentation: Kitchen did a good job for food presentation.  Again this year, no large platters were used, just small platters that were easy to swap out.  Less waste this way.  A slight delay around 12:30pm in getting more Eggs Benedict but kitchen staff worked quickly to cook them.  Customer not affected by this delay.  One customer commented that they would have liked to see "king crab legs" on the buffet (yeah sure).  Overall no issues from the kitchen, another good job done.

Service Plan: Wait staff did a good job and worked within their 9 teams.  All tables were reset quickly (helped greatly by the 4 bussers).  Food runners worked well, even the new waiter (he seemed a little overwhelmed at first but held it together).

Other Items: Much less liquor was consumed this year than in past.  Only a few glasses of wine and 9 Mimosas.

Guest Comments: This is where we did very well.  Many great comments were given.  I have attached 4 comment cards this this report.  I gave out many of my business cards to guests that wanted to return for Mother's Day.  Overall a very good day.

Hey, fellow Banquet Managers.  What was YOUR captain's report like?