I've Been Doing This For 3 Years?

Yes believe it or not.  Today marks the completion of 3 full years (and 363 posts) where I have spilled my guts out on these pages for the world to see what it's really like to be a banquet manager.  Hope you've had pity on me...

If course I wish to thank all of you readers (even the ones that say I'm mean spirited when I seem to bitch about those waiters of mine, or yours).

Without you I wouldn't have the desire to keep on bitchin' about them...well, yes I probably will still keep on doing that.

On a separate note, I've been thinking on doing my 3rd Guest Blogger event again.  Is anybody interested in having their F&B related story told here?  I'm happy to give you the opportunity.

Let me know and maybe we'll start it next month.

Take care all.  And thanks.

the Banquet Manager