These Bastards Have Had Enough To Drink Already, Now You Give Them More?

Late wedding last night, ended at 1am with an after-party.  I have just 1 question for these knuckle-headed sales people:

You book a wedding with a 5 hour open bar then you allow then to have an after party for another hour after that?  How drunk do you want them to get?

What about our liquor license? How do you expect us to cut off these drunks when, if we do, their less-drunk friend will get a drink for them.  It's as easy at that.  And just because they are staying in the hotel and not driving home doesn't mean that they can get bombed.

What about the few jerks that do drive home.  After they crash and kill someone, will you as the Sales Chick be the one that gets sued along with the poor bartender that is trying to not only do his job but be a policeman at the same time.

Screw you Sales Chick!
I cut them off, the whole party, after 25 minutes.
That's right!

I rolled the bars outta the room, had my waiters remove the back bar glasses and ice bins, and walked right up to the father of the bride (he was just as drunk too that dick-head), and told then that for their own safety the bar is closed.

Of course he and the other after-party asses flipped out.  I DON'T CARE!

You deal with the complaints on Monday.