Why You Can’t Be a Perfectionist Forever

One of the challenges faced by a perfectionist is longevity.
When we are younger and have energy to burn, we can relentlessly work through exhaustion and jump through hoops daily to achieve the perfection we seek.
Usually this perfection is attained solely from our personal labor since “no one else can make it perfect but me”.
But as we move through time we slow down, slow down enough to the point where we don’t have an unlimited supply of energy, not enough time can be spent away from our family or illnesses arise that supply the setbacks of life.
This is when the perfectionist wished that he/she had built a team around him so others can continue his dream of perfection.  We can only do it all ourselves for so long.  And be perfect for even less.
So have you built your team around you?
You haven’t?  So how do you expect your business to prosper?  How long can you do it all?
Your customers expect much from you, they look towards that perfection you offer, that you promote, that you insist will happen and that you will provide.  But is this realistic on behalf of the customer, of from you for that matter?  Probably not.  So why do we insist on being perfect and how will you get there all by yourself?
Most, if not all, of our customers don’t really believe all the hype that the average television commercial states or what that print ad promises.  But they do want value, they need assurance that their money has been well spent and they desire a customer experience second to none.  So how will you provide this by trying to be perfect?  You can’t, so stop trying.
Hire the best people, people with a customer-first mindset.  Search for the candidates that are goal oriented and “teachable”.  You can always train them the necessary job skills but attitude, desire, forward thinking and a heavy dose of common sense must already be present.
Encourage a “group responsibility” to look at a product or service challenge from all angles, especially from the customer’s point-of-view.  “What would I expect if I was buying this product?”  “How would I feel if I had to wait on hold for 20 minutes just to speak with a live person on the phone?”  “Are we delivering what we advertize?”  “Is this the best we can do?”
Before long you will be surrounded by a team of like-minded “ambassadors” that will treat your business as their own, for the good of the company and the customer.
Only then can you produce a product of the highest level and provide the best guest experience possible.  It may not be perfection but it will be close.  And you will not have to do it alone anymore.