How Was My Valentine's Weekend?

We did a big Valentine's Day dinner on Saturday night for almost 200 people.  Open to the public but with reservations a must.  Here's how it went.

Rented red napkins were never delivered (BITCH!)

Wrinkled linen, spent almost 2 hours ironing (I hate this shit)

2 late waiters (they heard it from me)

4 no show reservations, 11 people total (gotta charge their asses)

Kitchen timing could have been better, they couldn't keep up with us

The sorbet intermezzo was melted, kitchen didn't bother to make sure it was placed in the kitchen with enough time to freeze well (a**holes)

6 people wanted a vegetarian meal, and 1 vegan, even though we advertised the menu on our website and in all our print paperwork (jerks, just eat the damm steak!)

Didn't have enough of an expensive wine that some bigshot wanted (still sold him 3 bottles anyway)

One lady was so pretty that my guy waiters went gaga over her (reminded me of the bride we had last year with the BIG BOOBS)

Room Service was slammed and tried to steal some of our B&B plates (yeah, BITE ME)

Band wanted to eat when they felt like it (no, you eat when I tell you it's time to take a break)

Special dessert that the chef planned to sit high on the plate kept falling over (he was pissed off but did the best he could to fix it)

People left very happy (especially the 5 different couples that asked for their dessert "to-go")

Guess they couldn't wait to get to their hotel room...