It's Been Quiet Around Here...

Yeah, that's right.  

The Banquet Manager has had it kinda easy since the NYE rush is over.  All the drunks have gone.  All the balloons are popped.  All the garbage was finally picked-up.  Time to relax.

Time to regroup.  Time to clean off my desk and straighten up the storerooms.  Customers?  Just a few this week.  Nothing much to bitch about...believe it or not! 

So here's a few past posts where I had plenty to bitch about.  Enjoy.

3 Weeks of Hell
  • Pretty much says it all
They Shipped My Ass to Memphis
  • I've got better shit to do then be here man!
I Don't Have Your Camera Lady! 
  • You lost it not me, so stop breaking my nuts!
Fix The F'in Copy Machine!
  • This shit kills me
 My Waiter Poured Liquid Eggs In Her Coffee?
  •  You dumb bastard!