You Cheap Bastard, Pay For The Damm Flipchart!

Sometimes you come across some cheap-ass bastards.  I did yesterday.

We had this 18 person meeting.  U-shape for 18 with a LCD projector, screen and flipchart.  Just before lunch the group contact speaks to one of my housemen that was refreshing the room...she wanted a second flipchart.

Ok, great.  She even told him to wait until they broke for lunch, then bring it into the room.  Jose did just as he was asked.

At around 5:30pm when the meeting was finished, I approached the lady in charge and presented her with the banquet check.  She said it was all ok but wouldn't sign it because we charged her for 2 flipcharts.

"My houseman said that you had requested a second flipchart just before lunch" I said.  "Isn't that right" I added.  "Well yes", she answered, "But he didn't say that we would be charged for it".  "So I need it taken off the bill before I sign" came next.

Do you believe this shit?