I Had Enough of This Damm Snow!

I drive to work in the friggin' snow, fighting to see through my windshield.  Streaks everywhere.  Then it gets too hot inside and my balls are sweating.  Then I turn off the car heater and before you know it, the windshield is freezing-up again.

Then when I get to work I find that some a**hole left the heat off in the office.  Cold as shit in here.  I change into my fancy dress shoes, the snow boots gotta go now, and head onto the floor.  My coffee break waiter is running around with his sweater and jacket still on.  WTF!

The whole place is cold.  The wind is still blowing in through the same door that I've been asking our Engineering Dept to fix for 2 weeks now.  Yeah, I bet their office in the basement is plenty warn...those bastards.

The customers keep arriving late because of the weather, saying that the driving was bad.  Then there is always the group that came in the night before and slept over.  Those shits always come downstairs 45 minutes early and expect their breakfast to be here waiting for them at that hour.  Screw you.  You didn't have to shovel out your damm car this morning you piss-ant!

I'm getting sick and tired of this Winter already, enough.

I wanna BBQ some hamburgers NOW!