They Shampooed the Carpets Without Telling Me!

Another thing that REALLY steams the banquet manager's ass happened today.  I'm gonna slap the piss outta this guy...

They came late last night and shampooed all the carpets.  Without telling me dammit!  Not that I need to be told everything in this friggin hotel but it would be fu*king nice if someone actually opened their fat mouth and told me since I'm the one in charge of ALL the meeting rooms and had all my rooms setup perfectly for the next 2 days.

Then I come in this morning to see that every room, I said EVERY room, is now trashed to shit!  Tables all over the place, chairs bunched-up in the corner, and a damp musty smell fills the air.

Believe it or not, since this is not the first time this shit has happened to me, I ran to my office to turn on my computer.  Yep, what do I see?  An email from the head of Housekeeping bitching to me, "Why didn't you have the rooms emptied out for the carpet cleaning?"  "We now have to pay the cleaning company overtime 'cause the men needed to move all the tables out of the way to clean the carpet", this shithead says.

"If we would have canceled the cleaning last night, they would have charged us more than the overtime so we let them continue", jerk-face ended.

Now, I'm gonna kill this asshole.

I don't bother responding to his email.  I march right down to his office in the basement (that bastard deserved to be in the friggin basement), and am ready to blast him.  Of course the shit-for-brains is not in.  He probably knows he's in a load of trouble with me.

So patiently I wait.  In the meantime, my houseman supervisor comes looking for me and yells, "WTF happened last night".  "All the rooms are a mess".

I tell him not to worry, I will take care of this crap.  "Don't touch a thing Carlos", I say, "just let me know when that sheep-kisser from Housekeeping comes in".

Around 9:30am I get a call on the radio that shit-stain face has come in and was seen walking through the ballroom prefunction area.  So off I go...

After I tear him a new one, I go back to my office to finally start my day.  I'm comforted in knowing that the entire Housekeeping staff are all heading up to my meeting rooms to totally reset all the rooms.  Each and everyone of them, under the watchful eye of my houseman Carlos.

Remember, I mentioned that this is the 2nd time this happened, both times without me being told from Housekeeping's vomit breath manager.  How did I get him to have all his staff reset my rooms?

Sometimes it's nice to be on the General Manager's good side.  He was my attack-dog today.