Who Da Hell is Reading This Blog?

As I come up quickly to my 3 year anniversary of writing this blog (April 7th), I wondered...

Question: Who reads this blog?  Why do you keep coming back to my site?


You're a waiter (that can't stand managers like me)

You're an ex-waiter that just can't stay away from the business (or couldn't take it and got your ass fired)

You're a chef/cook that really can't stand us banquet managers either and always try to make us look bad (you sneaky bastards!)

You're a banquet captain that loves to hear some of the shit that other people in the business deal with too

You're a college kid wondering about your future and thought "Hey, maybe I'll just be a waiter for 6 months or so...)

You're too damm undependable to get a "real" job and just fell into this business (you lazy shit)

Oh, of course, you're also an actor and need a flexible schedule so you can go to your auditions (yeah right!)

You're a Sales Chick that has a deep-set desire to let the truth be known that you don't have the faintest idea of what you are doing and are so guilty that you need to read about me yelling at MY Sales Chick

You're a wedding planner that is usually more f*cked-up than my Sales Chick and always covers-up her ass by saying, "The bride just asked me for..."

You're just another banquet manager that takes pity on a poor lost soul like me and needs to know that you're not the only one that goes through this crap

Whatever reason it is that keeps you coming back to my little place on the web, thank you.  I sincerely appreciate it.