Like I've Got Time for Another Meeting

Apparently the boss has forgot what "operations" is like.  I guess when you get so removed from the day-to-day tasks of running a department you think that everybody else has all the time to sit through another friggin' meeting.

We have the:
  • BEO meeting (2 times a week)- to discuss the upcoming events (and where I terrorize the Sales Chick)
  • F&B meeting (weekly) - to hear the F&B Director bitch about how high our food cost is
  • Accounting meeting (2 times a month) - to listen to those pencil-pushers complain how we didn't make the banquet checks correctly
  • Budget meeting - with the GM (thankfully this is only once a month)
  • Final detail meeting (with the upcoming brides) - this is torturous, can't take listening to their worrying anymore about wanting their special day to be so different from the rest of the brides in the world.  BITE ME!
Now I need to take part of a new meeting called the "Property Assessment Meeting".  WTF is this?

I'm not in the maintenance or engineering departments, that's their problem.  They need to make sure that this place is in tip top shape not me!  I send them the emails and fill out the maintenance request forms when the lightbulbs are burnt out of there is a tear in the wallpaper.

Why do I need to sit through another meeting for this shit!

Just drives me nuts...

Who's gonna take care of the customers?  Who's gonna make the schedule?  Who's gonna order do payroll?  Who's gonna...