How Many Boxes Do They Have?

I get a call on the radio this morning from my shipping and receiving clerk Paul.  He seems kinda pissed and tells me I need to come down to the loading dock to see all the boxes that are coming in.  

I sort of expected a shipment coming in today for the big pharmaceutical group that is starting tomorrow for a 4 day meeting.  But I wasn't expecting all THIS shit!

There's 87 friggin' boxes, yes I said 87 boxes that are being unloaded from a special UPS truck that was sent here just for this shipment.  WTF!

There's logo pens, special pads, folders with the company name on it, and even different colored Post-it notes with their newest drug logo plastered across the top. The loading dock looked like the back of Costco or Sam's Club.

I call up to the Sales Chick, of course I gotta blast her for this, to ask her what's the plan for this crap.  Apparently Sales Chick didn't want to come down to see what we had 'cause she didn't want an earful from me.  After 10 minutes she finally arrived.

"How's all these boxes supposed to get to the ballroom", I ask her?  "Are we expected to be their personal UPS delivery men"?, came next.  "I'm not responsible for moving all this crap upstairs, they gotta help too".

Sales chick just stood there with those deer-in-the-headlights eyeballs.  For once she didn't have a smart-ass comeback.  "I didn't know anything about this Banquet Manager", she pleaded.  "I'm sorry, they never mentioned all this".

Guess I'm getting soft 'cause I kinda believed her.  

Now my men are moving all this shit up to the ballroom for tomorrow's meeting.  This sucks...