Saturday, May 7, 2011

Now I Gotta Call More People In For This Shit!

We have a large social church group in today that ends at 5pm tonight.  That's great 'cause it gives me plenty of time to flip the ballroom for Mother's Day tomorrow.  

I have my housemen all set with tomorrow's floor plan since we closed-out the seating and it should be an easy flip.

A few minutes ago that fabulous "Sales Chick" comes by, yes she's here this early today, and says that the social group today wants to delay the start of the the event by 1 hour to give them more time to get back here from the church. Now since I know the history of this group since they have been here 2 times before and that really means 2 hours not one.

Then when we try to get them outta the room it takes another hour or so 'cause they move as slow as shit.

Bottom line is that I know they won't be outta the ballroom until around 8pm tonight I can bet the house on this.  So now I need to call my pm housemen and change their call-times or they will be sitting around with nothing to do waiting for these slow-pokes.  Plus I probably will need another guy on as well.

Just the kind of shit I need before Mother's Day...

Enjoy your day with your mom.  Hope she enjoys it too.

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1 comment:

schmuckraker said...

Long time no talk. Hope all is well...
And I hope Mother's Day went well