I Got Stuck in the Restaurant Again!

I should have shut-up when I had the chance...

Since my department is quiet, I was asked again, to help out in the restaurant last night.  You know that the banquet manager hates to go into the restaurant and deal with those knuckle-heads.

Those waiters & bussers are the most unprofessional group of jerks I've seen in a long time.  But this time they were not too bad.  I guess they got tired of hearing me break their balls whenever I get recruited to help out there.

This time it was a snotty little kid that drove me nuts. 

Not only did this little bastard make a mess of the table, but he spilled his chocolate milk on the floor 2 friggin' times!  Then the brown-haired moth of a kid kept getting outta his chair and running around the table to talk to his "mammaw".  WTF is that?  Was that supposed to be some secret version of grandma?

And the parents...didn't lift a finger to control this kid all night.  

If I did this shit in a restaurant when I was a kid, I woulda got my skinny-ass kicked right there at the table, no kidding.

Finally these folks leave and we assess the damage:
  • 2 glasses of chocolate milk on the floor

  • a badly stained tablecloth that will never come clean

  • French fries everywhere

  • 2 raminkins of ketchup licked-dry

  • 1 napkin full of kid boogers and slobber
I miss banquets... 

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