Food Trivia #4 Answers

Ok, I know all of you couldn't sleep the last few days without knowing the answers to this quiz.  So here they are...

  1. On what vegetable did an ancient Egyptian place his right hand when taking an oath? A: The onion.  Its round shape symbolized eternity.

  2. How many flowers are in the design stamped on each side of an Oreo cookie? A: Twelve. Each has four petals.

  3. Black-eyed peas are not peas.  What are they? A: Beans

  4. What European nation consumes more spicy Mexican food than any other? A: Norway

  5. What part of the banana is used to make banana oil? A: No part.  Banana oil, a synthetic compound made with amyl alcohol, is named for its banana-like aroma. 

  6. Under what name did the Domino's Pizza chain get its start? A: DomNick's

  7. What was margarine called when it was first marketed in England? A: Butterine

  8. What are the two top selling spices in the world? A: Pepper is 1st and mustard is second.

  9. What was the name of Cheerios when it was first marketed 50 years ago? A: Cheerioats

  10. What is the most widely eaten fish in the world? A: The Herring

  11. What is the name of the evergreen shrub from which we get capers? A: The caper bush.

  12. What fruits were crossed to produce the nectarine? A: None.  The nectarine is a smooth skinned variety of the peach.

  13. What animals milk is used to make authentic Italian mozzarella cheese? A: The water buffalo's. 
So how many did you get right?