The Room Was Setup Perfectly...

A lousy corporate meeting for 68 people.  Setup was classroom style for 72.  4 Flipcharts, LCD projector, screen, podium and tabletop microphone.

We set the room up fully based on the diagram that was provided by the customer and faxed to my sales chick.

Yeah I know.  Once the sales chick gets involved something is bound to be f*^#ed-up.

Hey, but I've got a diagram, can't be a problem.

We set the room late Monday night perfect as can be.  Next came all the black duct tape, gotta make the LCD cord look sharp, a nice straight line to the podium.

Left late Monday feeling good about the next day.  Should be a piece of cake, room is good to go.  NOT!!!!!!!!!

When I came in Tuesday the dumb-ass group contact tells me that the room is setup wrong.  WTF!  I've got a diagram.  I take my copies of the BEO's outta my pocket and show her the diagram that was sent to us.

"Sorry, that looks like the diagram from the meeting we had at the Marriott downtown last month.  My secretary made these arrangements, not me", she said.  "I need this room setup for crescent rounds", was next.

I wanted to strangle someone, and this time I can't even blame our sales chick!

Oh, by the way...did I mention that my morning houseman called out sick this day?  I heard his voicemail when I came in at 6:30am.

Now I'm pulling the dishwasher from the kitchen along with the overnight housekeeper that was planning to leave at 8am when the next shift was scheduled to come in.

The three of us start flipping the room to the "correct" setup.  Then sales chick comes in, followed shortly by the in-house a/v tech.  Now we have 5 pissed-off people moving tables, chairs, ripping up the duct taped LCD cord, picking up the pens & pads from the floor.  The whole shit-show.

Well, 45 minutes later, 5 pissed-off people and one ripped shirt (the sales chick, HA!) and we got it done.

Another shit start of the day.  The kitchen better not short change me on the food today...  The banquet manager is not happy today.