Yes, Another Post Bitching About a Restaurant Waiter

I had off Sunday so I took my wife and kids out to lunch at a local steak house.  The food is always good there and we've never had a problem with the service.  Frankly it's always been good.  This day was no different but just a few strange things...

We were greeted at the door warmly and seated right away.  About 3 minutes go by when a waitress comes over and says hello and takes our drink orders, 3 regular and 1 diet Coke.

She comes back right away and drops down the drinks.  I say that we are ready to order and she looks puzzled.  "Well I'm leaving for the day but I'll take your orders for Mike", she says.  "He just came in and will be your waiter", she followed.  "Besides, he's better than me" she said and off she went.  That was a strange thing to say I thought.

Our salads were delivered by the food runner and we started to eat.  Then a male waiter stopped by after a few minutes and asked if everything was ok.  Was this Mike?  Or Henry?  I'll never know since "Mike" never introduced himself.

This "Mike impostor guy" looked over our table for the rest of our stay but never asked anyone other than my wife "Is there anything else I can get for you"?  "Did you enjoy your meal"?  "Would you like to see our desert menu"?

I gotta watch this "Mike impostor"...